A global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses include natural gas, industrial materials, petroleum & chemicals, mineral resources, industrial infrastructure, automotive & mobility, food industry, consumer industry, power solution, and urban development, in 90 countries and regions around the world. Mitsubishi Corporation remains fully dedicated to growing its businesses and aims to help enrich society while adhering to its principle of conducting business with integrity and fairness.

Diamond Gas International

DGI is the wholly owned, LNG marketing arm, of Mitsubishi Corporation. Entity solely responsible for marketing MC’s equity LNG. Responsible for multiple business practices, DGI offers short-term trading, marketing of LNG, fleet management and business development by leveraging MC's worldwide network and creating unique solutions across the whole gas value chain.

Tabeer Energy Private Limited

Inaugurated in January, 2018, Tabeer Energy (Private) Limited is a wholly owned affiliate of Mitsubishi Corporation, which is developing an “Integrated LNG Project in Pakistan. Leveraging the international and diversified business prowess of Mitsubishi Corporation and its wholly owned LNG concern, Diamond Gas International (DGI), Tabeer Energy is ready to bring forth the integrations.

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Tabeer Energy Marketing Private Limited

Established in June, 2018, Tabeer Energy Marketing is a dedicated marketing hub to locally promote and channelize the RLNG contents as an official Gas Seller. Inaugurated to fill the marketing void, Tabeer Energy Marketing serves the purpose of being with best marketing solutions to acknowledge and broadcast gas stability in Pakistan with new prospects to join this perspective.

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Tabeer Energy will imply its planned financial strategies and escalate all projects with a private approach. This includes revenue generation by sourcing LNG by global hubs to the Pakistani market. Privatization will play a major role

Innovative Integration

With regards to innovation, Tabeer Energy will use FSRU to convert LNG into RLNG and bring highly wanted innovative integrations such as berthing facility to boost the docking of FSRU. This includes the installation of marine and on-shore pipelines.

Global Recognition

Affiliated with Mitsubishi Corporation, Tabeer Energy echoes the highest level of working quality on global terms. With proven record in energy projects, Tabeer Energy is appreciated in the major league of gas-tolling and gas conversion.

Preparation For 2020

Tabeer Energy has pre-analyzed the gas deficit in Pakistan by 2020 and is prepared to work in full swing to deliver sufficient supply. This will expand our terminal capacity whilst ensuring an uninterrupted gas supply for a prosperous Pakistan.

Tabeer Energy Private Limited (TEPL) is an international gas-tolling service and a direct affiliation of Mitsubishi Corporation, catering natural gas consumers in the various regions, including Pakistan. Debuted by industry experts, Tabeer is a renowned project company with a strategic vision and top of the line equipment to create exceptional output in the sector of “Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU). Mentored by tolling maestros, TEPL, expanded its business turf with the initiate named Tabeer Energy Marketing Private Limited (TEMPL) to reform and strengthen the gas value chain and market RLNG in Pakistan. Located at Port Qasim, Tabeer Energy Private Limited is confident, prepared and proud to be delivering an uninterrupted gas supply in Pakistan with technical and ground operations starting from 2020.